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This last show was a great success!  Thanks for Coming!

A grand total of 140 entries were submitted in to the 2006 JVH Print Contest.  A whopping 75 of those prints
were Nature/Landscape, dominating the tables.  So we start out with these prints, it just seemed natural.

Most of these prints can be displayed at 1000 pixels wide if you right click and pick "View Image,"
that is, of course, if you are using Mozilla or IE 7.  Good luck right clicking on a Mac.

If you still have not viewed our last contest's winners you're not to late.
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"Maple Leaves"

Printer: Epson 4000
Paper: Epson Premium Semimatte (250) Paper
Scanner: Epson 3200 Flatbed Scanner
Location: City of Redmond Parks

General Info:

The story behind the print . . . I work for City of Redmond Parks and started in 2002 to develop a digital
plant specimen catalog featuring native and domestic species found in our parks using this technique.
I also sell my images at juried art shows in the summer and, over the past five years, have developed a
personal body of work of 75 images (and counting), once again using this technique.  With time to explore
and patience to understand, what at first seemed to be insurmountable technical limitations with
this process became instead endless possibilities and a new photographic road to follow.

I'd like to thank the participants of the JVH Digital Festival 2006.  While the prizes were very generous,
the experience of being able to put my images down on that table next to the high quality images there,
both professional and amateur, and be voted on by fellow photographers will remain an important event
in my photographic career.  In reality, the beautiful presentation by Art Wolfe could only have biased
the competition towards the nature category.  From what I saw there were several clear winners in each
category and, for what it's worth, my vote went to the ad campaign for Seattle Transit.  The two images I saw
were technically brilliant, both in design and color, and made me smile.

Once again, thanks to the professionals from JVH, Epson, Fo2Pix, Imacon, etc, who answered my questions,
proposed solutions to problems, and provided new inspiration.  It was a good day!

Submitted by: Dan Kencke


"Winter Fall"

Printer: Epson 7600
Paper: Epson Semigloss Paper
Camera: Nikon D2X
Location: Kubota Gardens

General Info:

This image was merely a test shot for the Nikon D2X.  The day it was taken was not your optimum condition and
the tree was also a loner in a remote area of Kubota Gardens.  It was also not one of the well manicured plants
that you find in the gardens.  My past pruning skills as a landscaper in college were applied to edit the tree in
Photoshop.  I eliminated competing branches and lines that cause visual confusion, etc.  I thought it would be
interesting visually to have abstract B/W interplay with the color.  The original was converted to B/W and the
color was carefully edited back in.  Bottom-line, it was a vision that came to life out of a not so perfect situation.

Submitted by: Bill Hagstotz


"Heron's Rest"

Printer: Epson 7600 with Ultrachrome Ink
Paper: 500 gsm Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper
Camera: Mamiya 6 Medium Format
Film: Fuji Astia Transparency Film
Scanner: Imacon 343
Location: Salton Sea, CA

Submitted By: John Kane

Fine Art



Printer: Epson 7600
Paper: Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper

General Info:

This image was made entirely from scratch.  Each object was created in a 3-Dimensional
environment using wire frames.  They were then given texture, lighting was added, and the end result
was rendered in hi-resolution.

Submitted by: Terry Calen


"Similkameen River, B.C."

Printer: Epson 2200
Paper: Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
Size: 25 inches by 36 inches
Camera: Burke & James view camera
Film: 5" x 7" Tri-X
Scanner: Epson 4990
Location: Hedley, BC

General Info:

This picture was dry mounted in three overlapping panels.  Overlapping the panels about
an eighth of an inch eliminates the inevitable gap between them.  This process works best with
matte paper which minimizes any reflections at the overlaps.

The photograph was taken by the Similkameen River near the town of Hedley,
about 25 miles SE of Princeton, B.C.

Submitted by: Ray Muese


"Chihuly Ceiling Sculpture"

Printer: Epson 4000 with Ultrachrome Inks
Paper: Epson Premium Luster
Camera: Canon 20D
Location: Belagio Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

General Info:

This was just a small sample of the entire lobby ceiling, attempting to capture its luminosity and color gamut.
A small tripod was very helpful!!

Submitted by: Lee Sanders




Printer: Epson 7600 with Ultrachrome Matte Black Inks
Paper: Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
Location: Jesuit Relief Services, Zambia

General Info:

The picture was taken in 1997 at a Jesuit Relief Services facility in a refugee settlement in Zambia. 
As the Seattle University photographer, I was there with a group of Seattle University engineering students
who were working on appropriate technology projects designed to help the refugees.  Many refuges, mostly
Angolan, would walk through our facility and I would ask some of them to stand against this wall so
I could take a picture.

Submitted by: Anil Kapahi



Printer: Epson 2200
Paper: Epson Velvet Fine Art
Camera: Nikon CoolPix 990
Location: New York City

General Info:

I had been shooting medium format on this shoot for my client.  During a break, I was toying with my
3 mega-pixel Nikon 990 and grabbed this of her.  Though not in the format the client initially requested,
they used this shot for their campaign.

Submitted by: Charlie Cotugno

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